Relocation seen as way out

11 February 2000

Relocation seen as way out

THE vendors of a 230-acre mixed farm in Glos are looking to relocate to an area where the residential element of a farm has less impact on its value.

"Like an increasing number of farmers they are taking the view that they cannot expand or restructure their business in the present location," said Arthur Witchell, Humberts who is selling the farm on their behalf.

Near Tetbury, Street Farm, Shipton Moyne currently supports dairy and arable enterprises and includes housing for 150 cows and modern grain storage.

However, the four-bedroom farmhouse is subject to an agricultural occupancy condition and therefore the farm is for sale as a whole – guide price £1.5m excluding milk quota.

About 175 acres are eligible for arable area aid and there is a building with planning permission for redevelopment into offices.

"In this area the dairy industry is contracting considerably," said Mr Witchell, "In the 1980s there were 18 dairy farms within 3 miles of Tetbury, by the end of 2000 there will probably be seven, of which four are organic."

Street Farm, Shipton Moyne, Glos includes a four-bedroom farmhouse which is subject to an agricultural occupancy condition.

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