Remember the first tractor you drove? you might earn £50

11 July 1997

Remember the first tractor you drove? you might earn £50

CAN you remember the first tractor you ever drove – the model, the year and what it was you were doing? If you can, farmers weekly would like to hear from you.

Later this year, as part of a report on vintage tractors, we intend to publish the best comments and reports received. A £50 prize will be awarded for each piece we print.

This particular author remembers well his first experiences driving a David Brown 990 tractor. The reward for "getting a go" was to load a trailer, by hand fork with a mountain of pig muck. Attempts at reversing the trailer served to entertain the rest of the farm staff.

But enough of our experiences. We feel sure you can offer more.

So, dont just reminisce with friends and family – they have probably heard it all before – write and tell us about the first tractor you drove, when it was and how it was. A picture of the very same tractor would be a bonus.

The address to send your replies to is: First tractor competition, farmers weekly, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS. &#42

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