Reseeds not so costly

31 May 2002

Reseeds not so costly

MANY dairy producers overestimate the costs of reseeding and underestimate returns, according to a survey conducted by Advanta Seeds.

Reseeding costs between £275/ha (£110/acre) and £375/ha (£150/acre), including fixed and variable costs, according to Advanta Seeds Neil Matson. "But less than one-third of survey respondents estimated costs correctly. Most believed reseeding costs to be at least £150/acre and 10% of producers thought they were £500/acre."

Benefits from reseeding include an increase in grass dry matter yield of 25% in the first year and an increase in energy levels from 10.5ME to 11ME, he said. "This translates into an extra 2300 litres of milk/acre.

"When the cost benefits of reseeding are added together over a four year period, they could stack up to £610/acre profit, assuming a milk price of 16p/litre."

Reseeding also allows producers to take advantage of improved perennial grass varieties, said Mr Matson. "High sugar tetraploids are proving palatable, and are more drought tolerant than older varieties." &#42

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