Rise in tractor horsepower

28 April 2000

Rise in tractor horsepower

TRACTOR horsepower is still on the increase, reports the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA). The average size of tractor sold in the first quarter of this year was 116.4hp – an increase of 5.1%.

Sales of tractors in the five power groupings in the 40-100hp range all fell compared to last year.

But the number of registrations for tractors above 100hp increased significantly – 101- 120hp, 121-140hp and units over 141hp rose 10.9%, 45.1% and 12.8% respectively.

In terms of overall sales, the eastern, Yorks and Lancs and northern regions suffered falls of 15.8%, 16.3% and 11.5% respectively, while Scotland, the south-west and south-east regions had increases approaching 20%. &#42

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