Risk of burning is obvious

29 March 2001

Risk of burning is obvious

ROBERT NELBURG makes a correct and absolutely valid observation concerning the spread of the virus by the continuing burning of infected stock (More on burning carcasses, FWi Open Forum).

To any normal person it is self-evident that as soon as the fire is lit, the hot air rising must carry material from the carcasses up into the atmosphere and thereby allow the prevaling winds to carry infected particles around the surrounding areas.

If the stock had been vaccinated prior to destruction, I understand that the level of infectivity would be greatly reduced, and if vaccination was carried out on a national basis, this obscene slaughter would not be

I hope that MAFF, the NFU and Nick Brown will see the error of their ways and stop this idiotic mass murder, use vaccination and stop the importation of all foreign crap, while there is still time to save our wonderful animals.

Dick Lindley, Birkwood Farm, W Yorkshire


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