Rotors now one behind other

18 February 2000

Rotors now one behind other

POSITIONING the rotors of a grass rake side by side is no longer in vogue.

Latest models have them one behind the other with the rear one capable of being hydraulically offset to the left or right.

Advantages of this are twofold: The unit can vary the width of grass being raked – to allow for heavy or light crops – and problems of transport widths are eased, as the two rotors are placed directly in line.

Such is the design of the latest Niemeyer grass rake imported by Vogel and Noot (UK). With the rear rotor of the Twin 605-ED offset to the right the unit will gather 6m (20ft) of grass into two swaths.

In lighter crops, the rear rotor is offset to the left enabling 5.6m (18ft 5in) of grass to be formed into a single swath. Running the rake up and down the field results in one swath containing up to 11m (36ft) of grass.

The Twin 505-ED has double row tines – each rotor arm has two rows of tines, the first sweeps most of the crop while the slightly longer second set is designed to sweep the stubble clean. &#42

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