Round balers roll out for event debut

31 May 2002

Round balers roll out for event debut

A GALLIGNANI prototype with lateral floating pick-up, and McCormicks first roll balers were among round baler introductions at Grassland 2002.

Variable and fixed size chamber models have been introduced under the McCormick name.

The VB12.18 is a belt-type machine with bales supported on two steel rollers as they are formed, and with adjustable belt tensioning. This, says McCormick, allows a relatively light density core to be produced when baling hay, or a denser core, with tension applied from the outset, for silage and straw.

Bales are 1.2m wide and from 0.70m to 1.8m in diameter, finished off with either twine or net.

A rotary feeder is standard to ensure a regular feed of material into the chamber from the 2m pick-up. A set of 11 blades can be added to the intake to cut and help pack more material into each bale.

Standard equipment also includes a simple spring-loaded bale ejector and automatic lubrication.

The McCormick FB and FBR series balers produce bales of a fixed 1.2m or 1.5m diameter using a combination of steel rollers and cross bars attached to a pair of chains running around the outside of the chamber.

Standard equipment on the FB12.12 and FB12.15 includes a 1.55m pick-up. But this can be upgraded to 2m with the "L" specification pack that also includes two pick-up reel end wheels, a sprung bale ejector and larger tyres. &#42

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