Rsabi reports threefold increase in demand for counselling service

The Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution (Rsabi) has trebled its counselling provision in the past year, following a significant increase in demand from farmers, crofters and agricultural workers.

The charity provides emotional, financial and practical support to the agricultural industry, and has seen a spike in numbers of farmers reporting stress, anxiety, and financial worries.

To cope with the increase in demand, which peaked in February this year, Rsabi is expanding its staff team to ensure it is able to support farmers who are struggling with the industry’s pressures, particularly the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and high input costs.

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Welfare manager Chris McVey said: “Moving into spring, farmers’ and crofters’ mental health can come under strain as spring work, including lambing, calving and sowing, gets under way.

“Lack of sleep, coupled with tiredness from the increased workload, can result in farmers and crofters failing to take care of themselves and their own mental wellbeing, so we want to remind everyone of the range of support services we have available.”

Farmers are encouraged to stay connected and check in with friends and loved ones during the busy weeks ahead. 

“If farmers or crofters find themselves struggling with their mental health, Rsabi is here to offer free counselling services.

“Our free confidential support service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, by calling 0808 1234 555,” said Mr McVey.