Rules aim to give patents a longer life

10 January 1997

Rules aim to give patents a longer life

NEW measures have been introduced to restore to plant protection products some of the patent protection which they effectively lose because of the time needed to obtain marketing authorisation, according to Science and Technology Minister, Ian Taylor.

"Because of the long time needed to develop and win approval for new agrochemical products to come to market, producers need longer periods of market exclusively in which to recoup the costs involved," says Mr Taylor.

"These new Regulations introduce a scheme of supplementary protection modelled closely on that which now exists for medicinal products, and will help boost the competitiveness of the UK agrochemicals industry."

The new regulation also sets in train the practical implementation of the UKs obligations under EC regulations, which come into force on Feb 8. It will create a supplementary protection certificate for plant protection products, effective for up to five years, similar to those which have been available for medicinal products since 1993. &#42

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