Rural police top tips for beating crime on your farm

Basingstoke’s rural safe neighbourhood police team is combating rural crime successfully in their area, with just 144 crimes reported in 2012.

One of the keys to this success is advising farmers on how to prevent crimes, from theft to crop damage to illegal raves and vandalism.

Here is PC Reid’s checklist for beating crime – how many can you cross off your list?

Top crime prevention tips

  1. Erect concrete barriers blocking private roads and trenches around fields to stop trespassing
  2. Have adequate lighting around farm buildings deters thieves
  3. Chain or lock away quad bikes
  4. Have dogs chipped and lock them away at night
  5. Report suspicious vehicles
  6. If in doubt phone the police on a non-emergency line or call 999 if a break-in is in progress
  7. Spot weld trailer with post code – this will help police identify them if stolen
  8. Register property with police

Sgt Cullis of the Basingstoke force gives his top tips on preventing and detecting crime on your farm – watch the video.


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