Safe container a hit

12 February 1999

Safe container a hit

POSITIVE feedback from potato and sugar beet growers on Surefill, the new granular pesticide handling system introduced last year, has prompted increased availability for 1999.

Free applicator conversion kits are now available and an increased volume and range of products are packed in Surefill containers, says Rhone-Poulenc Agriculture.

Pesticide granules are transferred from specially designed plastic containers to the hopper of the field applicator via a sealed valve coupling, so minimising operator exposure. Each container holds 20kg of the granular pesticide and is returnable when empty.

Last year a limited quantity of nematicide Temik 10G (aldicarb) was available in Surefill containers. This year most Temik 10G will be marketed in the containers. The system has also been extended to Mocap 10G (ethoprophos), used to control wireworms in potatoes.

Applicator modification is quick and easy, says Rhone-Poulenc. Once fitted, no further modification is necessary and the applicator can still accept granular products from conventional packaging. Free Surefill kits for field applicators are available to farmers via Temik distributors or by calling R-P (01751-430009). &#42

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