Safe outdoor storage is guaranteed

8 May 1998

Safe outdoor storage is guaranteed

THREE new units for the secure and environmentally safe outdoor storage of intermediate containers (IBCs) of up to 1200 litres capacity have been added to the DS range of bunded storage systems by Empteezy.

Capable of storing two, four or eight IBCs respectively, the three units have a 1.5m high clear load space between the shelves and all have removable grid mesh floors and shelves above an integral sump for the safe collection of any potentially hazardous leaks or spills from the stored containers.

All units are fitted with crane lifting points, while steel sliding doors with rod lever locking provides security.

For the storage of highly flammable substances, the three units are optionally available in a fire rated specification, double skinned with 50mm rockwool firebatt insulation.

Prices start at £1229 (01505-430309).

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