Sainsbury takes on more Cornish

19 May 2000

Sainsbury takes on more Cornish

SAINSBURY has delivered on its agreement to buy Cornish early potatoes earlier in the season this year and to take more as they become available.

That was the result of five years hard work by growers and their marketing agents, and willingness to adapt on all sides, said grower Geoffrey Reynolds at a British Potato Council promotional event in Truro, Cornwall on May 12.

Growers had accepted the need to grow varieties which the supermarkets and their customers wanted because of their flavour, cooking and eating qualities.

Growers had also invested in co-ops and marketing agent in developing the Cornish King brand for produce and potatoes and promoting the brand with supermarkets.

(with grant aid from the EU Objective 5B programme and MAFF). And they had persevered with supermarket buyers to persuade them to take limited quantities of early potatoes in stores local to the early production areas, and to take more as supplies built up.

The British Potato Councils tour bus promoted the UKs early potato crop in Cornwall this week.

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