Say bollards to intruders with this post

19 August 1997

Say bollards to intruders with this post

BPT Automations latest security bollard is the Combipost – a rising bollard which can be activated by remote control, digital keypads, card readers or simple push button depending on the level of security required.

The 100mm (3.9in) diameter post is based on a double-acting hydraulic cylinder mounted in a foundation tube and concreted into the ground. When activated, an electrically operated pump/motor assembly pushes the cylinder straight out of the ground to a height of 800mm (31.5in), preventing access to premises.

BPT says by making the Combipost self-contained with its own pump and motor, only a 240V power supply needs to be run out to the unit, simplifying installation.

In the event of a power failure, the post can be lowered by manually activating a release valve. Price is £1300. (01442-235355).

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