Scorpion quad with extra wheels

7 January 2000

Scorpion quad with extra wheels

ATV manufacturer GHL has added two extra driving wheels to its Scorpion diesel quad to form a new six-wheeler machine with a 200kg rear rack load carrying capacity.

Powered as before by a single-cylinder, air-cooled, 436cc Lombardini engine, the machine employs a two-ratio, CVT transmission with four independent shafts driving each rear wheel.

Front carrying load remains at 45kg, but with an extra 155kg capacity now available at the rear, GHL claims the ATV is partic-ularly suitable for game keepers and livestock producers seeking higher transport capacity on rough terrain.

Tyre specifications comprise 22 x 8.00-12 for the front axle – suspended on wishbone dampers and 25 x 10.0-12 at the rear, which are independently sprung.

Maximum forward speeds remains at 45kph (28mph) and the six-wheeled quad is priced at £4750 – £1000 more than the standard build.

GHLs new six-wheeled Scorpion ATV features a 200kg rear rack load carrying capacity.

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