Scotlands farmers in quality push

31 December 1998

Scotlands farmers in quality push

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is driving an initiative to raise awareness of Scotlands products by emphasising the regions wholesome environment.

The agency has launched a campaign “Quality Countryside – Quality Produce” which will highlight the close link between the most desirable produce and land with the best natural heritage.

Grants will be made available to support new or improved working practices, especially in areas designated for outstanding natural heritage value.

The SNH is already distributing information packs to farmers about its initiative.

It urges farmers to adopt a number of good environmental measures. Among the recommendations are better planning of nutrients to make the best use of fertilisers and animal waste as well as the use of grass-clover swards to reduce the need for nitrogen.

Sheep farmers are urged to follow the pesticide code and prevent pollution from disposal of dip. Beef producers are urged to keep cattle out of wetlands in spring and early summer to allow birds to next without disturbance.

The agency urges the retention of traditional cattle breeds for the quality beef market because their overall management needs are better for the environment. Hedges and dikes are seen as more desirable than fences.

  • The Herald 31/12/98 page 25

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