Scots act to lift restocking fears

13 July 2001

Scots act to lift restocking fears

DAIRY farmers in Scotland are being offered pedigree Holstein heifers from mainland Europe for an all-in price of £1400.

Scottish firm Select Livestock Services will soon have 1000 heifers, bred from dams yielding 8000-9000 litres, gathered on a farm in Germany.

The £1400 price for an in-calf heifer will include an initial deposit and over-wintering costs. The balance of payment will be due when the stock are delivered to the buyers farm 12 weeks ahead of calving in June, July or August next year, says the firms Andrew Macfarlane.

By offering in-calf heifers from high-yielding dams at a fixed price for delivery next year, Select Livestock Services says it is offering a guaranteed route to buy the type of stock producers need to rebuild their businesses with when the foot-and-mouth restrictions are lifted.

Mr Macfarlane, a partner with north-east Scotland milk quota broker Hayes, McCubbin, Macfarlane, says Select Livestock Services is gathering quality stock for sale at a guaranteed price to allay many farmers fears that replacement stock prices will rise dramatically once restocking on farms affected by F&M begins. &#42

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