Scottish cattle database call

28 January 2000

Scottish cattle database call

IMMEDIATE steps should be taken to introduce an electronic database of all cattle in the Scottish national herd, a new report says. The recommendation was one of 23 released this week in a report by the Scottish Red Tape Review Panel.

The review panel, chaired by Scottish NFU vice president Peter Chapman, was created by Scottish farm minister Ross Finnie last October to review the regulatory burden on Scotlands farmers and to suggest improvements.

As well as creating the electronic database, the panels other main recommendations included a rapid introduction of a new IACS appeals mechanism and the need for the Scottish Executive to review its strategy for communicating with farmers. Simpler forms, with clear, understandable guidance, were needed.

The report concluded that moving to electronic identification of the national herd would benefit both farmers and the government, with improved record-keeping, improved traceability, and the potential to cut livestock inspections. Mr Finnie said he supported the idea, adding that he had arranged a meeting on Feb 26 where all the interested parties could discuss in detail how a scheme could operate.

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