Scottish Office rejects claims of flawed database

13 March 1998

Scottish Office rejects claims of flawed database

THE Scottish Office has rejected claims that the planned cattle
database and double tagging scheme is likely to become strewn with

According to Jerome Reboul, the chairman of a company which makes
15 million ear tags each month, the UK should have to investigated European
systems of cattle trading before embarking on its own plans. He claims
the UK scheme may be unacceptable to EU officials.

Mr Reboul claims that it could take 10 years for Britain to
establish a reliable database unless a decision is made to re-identify
the entire national herd rather than just beginning with newborns.

The Independent reports on the new hi-tech departmental
office being set up in Workington, Cumbria to house a powerful
computer to keep track of Britains cows.

  • The Scotsman 13/03/98 page 30
  • The Independent 13/03/98 page 5 (The Box)

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