Scour stopper…

16 January 1998

Scour stopper…

SCOURING calves can be treated successfully without drugs with Lifesaver Calf Scour Pow-der, turning them towards good health in hours, says Osmonds.

According to the company the powder contains natural gel forming fibres, specific and multi-faceted antibodies against most calf diseases, probiotics, vetoxin, enzymes, energy and rehydration salts. When calves are drenched at the first sign of scour they should only need one dose, it adds.

A dose of 100g is packed in a single-use litre bottle to prevent contamination, which is filled with lukewarm water and shaken for use. It can then be given to the calf by stomach tube or with the pull-up feeding tube on the bottle, advises Osmonds.

Lifesaver costs £7.90 a dose and is supplied in packs of 12 (01482-665781, fax 01482-665782).

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