Scraper for effective slurry retention

12 October 2001

Scraper for effective slurry retention

YARDSCRAPERS UK has developed a scraper which is designed to provide effective slurry retention over uneven surfaces.

Working with the three-point linkage in float position, the Maxiscrape is claimed to maintain firm contact with wet and dry surfaces.

A weight transfer system is also designed to stop the tractors wheels spinning when pushing full loads of slurry up ramps.

Supplied with an A-frame or three-point linkage, the Maxiscrape features a sprung top frame to give added downward pressure.

Further specification includes galvanised construction and rubber kerb cleaners. In 1.68m to 2.18m working widths, the Maxiscrape costs from £850 to £890. (01772-434484

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