Second chance for pig outgoers

By FWi staff

PIG farmers who missed the cut-off date for the outgoers scheme 2000, which expired on 02 March, will have a second chance to claim compensation for getting out of the industry.

MAFF has just released details of a second phase of payments, and although the details of the mark 2 scheme are broadly similar to the previous plan, it has been welcomed by the industry.

Consultant Peter Crichton says it offers a new window of opportunity for producers whose bids were rejected the first time around or failed to get their applications submitted in time.

“It gives farmers the chance to re-evaluate their future in the light of the foot-and-mouth outbreak,” he says.

The only significant difference between mark 1 and mark 2 is that an on-farm professional valuation by a member of the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers is no longer required.

This hit some applicants when foot-and-mouth effectively curtailed all farm visits. An off-farm assessment by a farm business consultant will now be accepted.

The new scheme opened on 12 March and will close on 20 April. Producers who want to resubmit bids will need to put in a reduced offer to qualify. Successful applicants should be informed by the end of May.

MAFF says 5 million will be available to compensate outgoers, but it is believed this will come out of funds allocated to the original scheme.

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