Second white farmer killed

19 April 2000

Second white farmer killed

WHITE farmers were branded “enemies of Zimbabwe” by president Robert Mugabe shortly after one of their number was murdered by a mob of squatters.

Martin Olds, aged 42, was shot dead trying to defend his farm 50 miles south of Zimbabwes second city, Bulawayo, on Tuesday (17 April).

In a speech marking the 20th anniversary of Zimbabwes independence from Britain, Mr Mugabe declared “white farmers are the enemy of the state”.

This killing follows the murder of another white farmer by squatters who have invaded at least 500 white-owned farms demanding land distribution.

The murder of Mr Olds receives front-page coverage in most of Wednesdays newspapers.

The Independent prints a photograph of Mr Olds beneath a headline which reads: “Murdered by a mob, his only crime was to be a white farmer in Mugabes Zimbabwe.”

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