Seed metering – on a plate

19 January 2001

Seed metering – on a plate

PNEUMATIC drill manufacturers have a new seed metering system to consider.

Out goes use of gears, shafts from land drive wheels and having to change to small-seed rollers and in comes a simple oscillating plate which, according to manufacturer CMN, is as accurate as any other system.

The computer-controlled system uses electronic pulses from a ground driven component of the drill – press roller, for example, to know the forward speed of the drill. Information concerning seed type – clover to beans – and seed rate, is inputted by the operator.

Seed stored in a hopper vents onto the oscillating plate which, according to seed rate and size, oscillates more or less quickly, and to a greater or less amount. The seed then enters coulter pipes – each metering unit feeds six coulters. Air can then be used to convey the seed to the actual coulters.

CMN claims the system to be as accurate as any other design and says it is possible to apply seed rates as low as 1kg/ha or as high as 250kg/ha. &#42

Look, no gears… CMNs seed metering system uses a computer controlled oscillating plate to measure seed into coulter pipes.

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