Seed royalty rises to come

18 July 1997

Seed royalty rises to come

ROYALTIES on farm-saved wheat, barley and bean seed are to rise by up to 9.6%.

The move is in line with a formula agreed between the British Society of Plant Breeders and the farming unions, which reflects the changing popularity of farm saving in each crop.

The new rates for beans, spring barley, winter barley and wheat are £4.22/ha, £3.91/ha, £3.80/ha and £4.44/ha, representing rises in the royalty rate of 9.6%, 5.7%, 5.6% and 4.5%, respectively.

But a slump in the area of peas sown with farm-saved seed means a 10.7% rate cut to £5.65/ha. Oilseed rape, linseed and oats remain unchanged at £8.26/ha, £7.60/ha and £3.14/ha.

The large changes for peas and beans reflect inaccurate first year estimates, notes BSPB chief executive, Roger Turner.

No legal proceedings were brought against defaulting growers last year and BSPB estimates suggest over 90% of growers paid their FSS royalties, he adds.

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