Sell-back deal offers benefits

2 May 1997

Sell-back deal offers benefits

CARGILL is extending its Olympia brand to combineable crop seed, with a string of benefits on offer to buyers.

Growers prepared to commit themselves to selling the resulting crop back to Cargill will secure access to a range of marketing services, including traceability, says national seed manager Nick Hartwell.

Seed will be sourced exclusively from contracted growers rather than in the wholesale market.

Each delivery will be accompanied by a document giving breeder and multiplication history, information on production and post-harvest details of haulage, processing and delivery.

An early commitment to sell back to Cargill will also extend the traceability initiative to the commercial crop.

"It is a tough market out there. What we are offering is a marketing edge," says grain manager, Doug King. "There is a finite number of group one milling wheat contracts, for example. The people who will get these will be Olympia seed buyers who sell the crop through Cargill." &#42

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