Sewage pellets boost output

10 January 1997

Sewage pellets boost output

ORGANIC fertiliser made by drying and pelletizing human sewage is proving increasingly popular.

The slow release of N, P and some K, a range of micro-nutrients and the supply of organic matter all help boost crop production, US producers claim.

Now SoilRich, the USs top biosolid, is available in the UK.

The manufacturing process dries and heats the sewage to 80-90C (176-194F) to destroy pathogens and plant seeds. That not only over-comes odour and health problems, but also cuts transport costs.

Pellet size is compatible with most commonly used commercial fertilisers. Minimum nutrient content is 4.5%N, 3%P and 1% Ca. Moisture content is 3-6% and total organic matter content 65%.

The organic matter content improves soil structure over time and improves the soils ability to retain moisture and cut nutrient leaching, says UK agent Donald Blair-Park of Malpas, Cheshire.

Heavy metal content is not a concern, he stresses. Price is £175/t delivered. &#42

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