Shed space for pigs

25 September 1998

Shed space for pigs

CONVERTING empty sheds into extra finisher housing for pigs could avoid current over-crowding on many units during the price slump, but acceptance must be sought from welfare schemes.

Rob Gready, FABPigs scheme manager, says that providing a veterinary visit confirms temporary housing meets FABPigs standards, particularly for space, feed and water provision, agreement for use could be granted within a matter of days.

However, Mr Gready says permission will only be given for temporary use for genuine over-spill of pigs managed under the same staff and within a short distance of the existing unit.

Weaner producers wanting to take pigs through to finishing need to apply through the normal route, including a state veterinary visit, which could take six to eight weeks to arrange, he warned.

Independent pig consultant, Peter Crichton, says as long as adequate ventilation is provided, almost any shed will do. "Its no good having sliding doors at one end and no air outlet at the other. As a temporary solution, remove some sheeting from the end wall and replace with Yorkshire boarding made out of cannibalised pallets as a low cost solution." &#42

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