Shower halts good progress

16 August 2001

Shower halts good progress

A HEAVY shower stopped progress on wheat for Guy Tindale, manager for JE Hartley at Amcotts near Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire.

This week three good days have seen Hereward yields vary between 8.6-9.6t/ha (3.5-3.9t/acre). The normal farm average is 9.2t/ha (3.75t/acre). “I think it will probably be half a tonne down on average overall.”

They started combining it at 18% and it had since dropped to 14% moisture. He is concerned with quality after 35mm of rain in the last two weeks. There is also some Consort and Claire to be combined, “we shall get them when and where we can.”

There are also some Gerald winter oats; “these look extremely well. We just need an opportunity to get into them.”

Lipton and Tenor oilseed rape yields varied but averaged 3.2t/ha (1.25t/acre) which is below the expected 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre). This is a similar story for all crops. “On the river silt soil many patches lay flooded in patches.”

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