Shropshire to review school meal beef ban

21 February 1997

Shropshire to review school meal beef ban

SHROPSHIRE county council has agreed to review its ban on beef from school menus after a meeting with local NFU leaders.

The councils education committee discussed the ban last month. But beef stayed off the menus after committee chairman, Derek Woodvine, used his casting vote.

The NFU delegation, led by Shropshire county chairman, Lloyd Jones, met Mr Woodvine and council leader, Sue Davis, on Monday to give them information on beef production and the health controls in place. The councillors agreed, as a result, that the beef ban would go back to the education committee for consideration.

Mr Jones said he hoped beef would be back on Shropshire school menus soon. "All we require is that pupils should have the right to make their own decision. Many are happily enjoying beef outside school, but are denied this nutritious quality food in school." &#42

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