Simbas great leveller

3 October 1997

Simbas great leveller

IT FIRMS, levels and prepares a seed-bed after the plough or disc harrows, says Guy Leversha describing the action of Simbas latest machine, the Cultipress.

A development of the firms double press roll, the Cultipress uses a row of staggered leading tines followed by a row of spring leaves, ahead of a double press roll.

The key to its effectiveness is achieved by intermeshing the leaves with the first row of press rings so clods which are not smashed down are presented directly to the packer rings.

The levelling effect of the spring leaves is achieved by mounting the assembly on a parallel linkage. Hydraulic pressure is applied and maintained through accumulators which keep the leaves in firm contact with the ground.

Working widths are 3.3m-6.6m (10.8ft-21ft) and operating weights range from 3.6t to 7.5t depending on the model.

Simba Cultipress is a development of the double press roll. This 4.6m hydraulic folding version costs £22,023.

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