Simple spec lies under Silvers stylish clothes

14 January 2000

Simple spec lies under Silvers stylish clothes

Water-cooled engines,

improved braking and

restyled bodywork are the

main refinements on

Same-Deutz Fahrs latest

Same Silver 110 and 130

models. Andy Moore took to

the wheel of the 110

POOLING resources appears to be the name of the game for Same-Deutz Fahrs latest multibrand strategy. The companys new Same Silver range is powered by liquid-cooled Lamborghini six-cylinder engines, rather than the more traditional air-cooled units.

The new turbocharged units fitted to the Same 110 and 130 models are rated at 110hp and 132hp and are housed under a steeply sloping bonnet – made possible by siting the air conditioning unit behind the cab.

One-piece Telene (fibreglass) side panels replace the two-section mild steel versions used on earlier models. SDF has also moved the exhaust pipe to the side of the cab to create a cleaner look for the tractors.

Other design revamps include a new all-wheel braking system which uses twin instead of single hydraulically operated rear brake discs. Braking performance has been improved significantly, claims SDF.

farmers weekly tracked down the Same Silver 110 at SDFs headquarters in Barby, Warks, where a road test gave the opportunity to try out some of the tractors new features.

Before taking to the saddle, a quick circuit is taken around the machine to appreciate the tractors exterior improvements.

Mounted on a single hinge next to the windscreen, the bonnet is now released from a single push button at the front which allows the complete unit to be raised on two gas struts.

With engine top exposed, removing each one-piece side panel is an easy one-man job, unlike the two-piece system used on the Antares models which requires the operator to line-up elusive catches.

The motor itself offers good access for servicing with all major points, such as fuel filler/filters, dipstick and pipe connections, positioned on the right-hand side.

Moving to the left side of the tractor, access to the cab is an uncomplicated affair and is achieved by climbing three sturdy steps and entering through a wide doorway.

Once at the helm, the first disappointment is to discover a marked lack of visibility due to the use of fence post-sized cab posts and a narrow windscreen.

This aside, it was pleasing to note that SDF has stuck with a conventional analogue dial dashboard layout, including a diagram of the tractor to indicate operating states and faults.

Main tractor control devices such as hydraulic lift/spool and gear levers together with pto, diff and four-wheel drive engagement buttons are presented in a well spread layout to the right of the operator – although the economy pto lever is tucked awkwardly out of reach on the left hand side.

In place of the standard mechanical linkage lift levers, both the 110 and 130 models are available with electronic lift control which includes radar and automatic lift control functions.

Equipped with a 58lt/min fixed flow hydraulic pump, the tractors offer a 4.8t lift capacity or 6.2t when fitted with assistor rams.

For engine rpm control, the 110 does not have a hand throttle but is fitted with an unusual touch pad which uses three buttons to set maximum and minimum rpm settings.

Designed for field work and headland operation, the two outer buttons adjust engine rpm up and down, while the central button confirms the operators predetermined speed choice.

As a result, the operator is left with "all or nothing" control of engine revs, which some may consider to be a drawback when operating on differing ground contours where there is a need to adjust speed more accurately.

The touch pad system can, however, be overridden by using the foot throttle.

With cab, engine and hydraulics out of the way, it was time to become familiar with the 110s Agroshift transmission – a transmission that incorporates six main gears in three ranges, plus three powershift ratios.

In total, the transmission offers 54 forward x 54 reverse speeds (good news for buckrakers) with a choice of 13 speeds in the important 4-12kph field range.

The transmission is operated by three manual control levers grouped in a triangle to the right of the operator, with the left one fitted with a rocker switch for powershift control.

On this road test, powershifting up and down the three speeds proved to be a smooth and progressive operation, contrasting starkly with the effort needed to manually select main gears one to six. In this situation, two shoves were sometimes required to select a gear, with the tractor loosing momentum.

Simple in specification, but built with rugged standards of engineering, the Silver 110 should satisfy the stockman and smaller grower seeking a low-cost tractor. &#42

Same Silver Ranger

110 130

Engine 6-cyl turbocharged, water cooled

Power 110hp 132hp

Transmission 54 x 54 54 x 54

Hydraulics 58lt/min 58lt/min

Lift capacity 6200kg 6200kg

Price £45,750 £50,250

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