Simpler spec for Zago diet feeders

9 November 2001

Simpler spec for Zago diet feeders

ITALIAN manufacturer Zago now offers a simpler specification of its "Queen" diet feeders to meet the needs of those with lower price budgets.

Imported by King Feeders UK, the vertical auger tub machines are lighter yet, it is claimed, retain the same strength as heavier duty models.

The "Simple Economy" machines come in nine, 11 and 13cu m capacities and feature a single axle shod with single rather than dual wheels.

Reduced weight and price has also been achieved by removing inspection steps, fitting a single rather than two-speed gear box, together with mechanical as opposed to hydraulically operated counter knives.

Also new from Zago is the companys King Bedder, a machine built to chop and spread large/small square and round bales in straw and silage form.

In trailed or mounted builds, bales are loaded by a hydraulically operated rear door and presented to a chopping disc by a floor conveyor.

The disc is faced with 60 fixed blades and around its perimeter are flails to provide a brutal chopping action, says King Feeders.

A two-speed gearbox is designed to enable material to be chopped from 5cm to 23cm, while a spout can direct material straight on the deck or up to 12m away.

Price for the Simple Economy feeder and King Bedder start at £11,900 and £4945, respectively. &#42

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