Sleeker Diablo 611 ATV features vari-speed drive

3 April 1998

Sleeker Diablo 611 ATV features vari-speed drive

GHL Products Diablo ATV has now received some substantial updates.

First seen at the 1994 Smithfield event, the diesel powered, two-wheel drive 611 now sports sleeker, lower lines, improved braking and a transmission which dispenses with chains.

Powered as before by a Lombardini twin-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine rated at 16hp, the vari-speed transmission now includes a high/low/reverse unit and a heavy duty spur gearbox. With its 9:1 ratio, GLS claims engine braking is retained despite the use of the vari-speed unit.

Changes include the use of a car-sourced, foot-operated hydraulic braking system which acts on all four wheels, and the use of a foot throttle.

The Diablo 611 costs £5495. &#42

New sleeker lines for the diesel-powered Diablo 611 ATV – the saddle is now 7.5cm (3in) lower than before. Brakes act on all four wheels.

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