Slugmaster offers a wider pellet spread

12 September 1997

Slugmaster offers a wider pellet spread

SPREADING slug pellets to a width of 24m (80ft) is possible, says Lempro, using its Slugmaster applicator.

Using a 12V motor and polyethylene single spinning disc design, the Slugmaster is available in three versions to suit ATV or tractor mounting, with and without the companys Quicksmart attachment mounting kit.

Hopper capacity of the polyethylene applicator is 65kg and internal workings extend to an agitator system with stainless steel hopper base. Using such components is said to lend the unit to spreading herbicide granules, fertiliser granules and small seeds such as grass, rape and clover.

Spread width adjustment is achieved by varying the speed of the spinning disc. Materials of differing densities can be spread accurately, says Lempro, by altering the two feed-in points on to the disc.

An infinitely variable spread rate and electric shut off are part of the specification of Lempros Slugmaster, which is priced from £430. &#42

Lempros Slugmaster can be tractor or ATV mounted. Its single spinning disc design can spread pellets up to 24m (80ft).

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