Slurry aerators given an airing

23 May 1997

Slurry aerators given an airing

SLURRY aerators vary greatly in their initial cost, efficiency and reliability, according to trial results from the Farm Energy Centre, said project engineer Jim Allen.

"Up until now, there has been no information available about the performance of different slurry aerators. However, we built a 100,000gal tank and have been trialling four types of aerator; a venturi, surface impeller, low volume diffuser and high volume diffuser."

The venturi was found to be almost indestructible, said Mr Allen. "It was reliable and did the job well, but its expensive."

The surface impeller was found to cause sedimentation difficulties. The low volume diffuser didnt put enough air into the slurry, but Mr Allen stressed that it was sold as a mixer, and performed that job.

"The best option was a high volume diffuser. It made the best job of treating slurry and can fit all stores."

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