Slurry giant out of Danish union

28 January 2000

Slurry giant out of Danish union

Denmarks Agromek event, held last week in Herning

produced more than a few new products. Andy Collings

continues his report from this big European show

DANISH manure spreader manufacturer Samson has recently taken over three rival companies to create the largest supplier of manure and slurry handling equipment in Northern Europe.

Now included in the Samson Group is SAK Pumpen, Uggerbys and JOS – companies which, between them, are able to offer a range of pumping, agitating, transport and spreading equipment.

Agromek saw SAK Pumpen introduce a new transport system for its high capacity, two and three axle slurry tankers – a system designed to reduce problems of ground compaction.

Reasoning that the greater area of ground wheels can be made to run on, the less damage will be inflicted, the company employs two rams on one of the axles to push the wheels out by 40cm on each side.

When extended, the wheels then make their own tracks, spreading the load of the tanker over a wider area.

On two-axled tankers, the front axle can be extended and on three-axled, the middle one. Both configurations also offer self-steering systems.

Suspension for the new axles comprises a series of interlinked hydraulic shock absorbers which also ensure that equal pressure is maintained on each wheel, irrespective of changes in working angle of the tanker.

Samson presented the 1210-16 – a muck spreader with a new spreading system capable, it is claimed, of spreading material evenly over a 16m width.

Visually very much the same as before with two vertical beaters, improved spread has been achieved by altering the rotation of the beaters so that muck is expelled from the two outer edges rather than as a single point between the rotors.

Samson has also increased the diameter of the beaters to 1m, reduced their speed and angled them slightly. The company claims that the new system offers benefits in terms of reduced power requirement.

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