Slurry injection system claims less disturbance

5 December 1997

Slurry injection system claims less disturbance

REDUCED surface damage and pasture disturbance are claimed by Chavtrac for its latest Veenhuis shallow slurry injection system fitted to the Tanka 410 self-propelled slurry tanker.

Using contoured disc rollers instead of soil-engaging tines, the Veenhuis system forms 10cm (4in) channels on the surface, into which slurry is pumped.

Channel depth is regulated by an electronically-controlled hydraulic system which applies constant pressure to the disc roller assembly.

Potential output of the system is said to be up to 450,000-litres/day, and the inclusion of a macerator in the distribution head is claimed to lend the unit to farm and industrial waste products.

Chavtracs Tanka 410 equipped with the 3m (10ft) wide, 16-unit shallow injection system costs £62,200. The injection system can be retro-fitted to existing Chavtrac Tankas at a cost of £14,700.n

Veenhuis shallow injection system and Chavtrac Tanka 410 costs £62,200.

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