Small changes add up to big MFadvance

6 September 2002

Small changes add up to big MFadvance

By Andy Collings

TWO new Cerea combines are set to join Massey Fergusons harvesting line-up for next season. The new models are the result of applying Cerea technology to the companys MF 7256 and MF 7272 machines – hence the introduction of the Cerea versions.

Massey Ferguson points out that the Cerea system is not one innovation but a programme of design changes designed to increase output.

These include the addition of an armrest-mounted hydrostatic lever control, electrical control for constant flow, single rotary separator control lever and a new stronger straw walker hood. Small changes on their own but taken as a package, says MF, they contribute to an overall increase in efficiency.

Powering the MF 7256 Cerea is the emission compliant (Stage 11) 250hp Sisus engine which is said to produce more torque than previous blocks.

With the crop passing through a heavy-duty concave, an updated shaker shoe design has been incorporated to handle a larger flow of material.

The MF 7256 is available with Freeflow, Powerflow and Autolevel cutterbars from 4.95m to 6.1m – a model equipped with a 5.56m Freeflow table has a list price of £110,010.

At the larger end of the combine range, the MF 7272 Cerea bridges the gap between the largest eight straw walker combines and the top end of the five-walker models.

Power is provided by a 270hp emission compliant Sisu engine which is said to be sufficient to exploit the full potential of the machine, even when harvesting in tough conditions, straw chopping or working on hills.

Like the MF 7256 Massey Ferguson has revised the design of the shaker shoe movement to enable higher crop volumes to be handled. Its eight straw walkers are claimed to be well balanced with their cranks positioned 25% and 75% along their lengths.

Included in the specification is a hydraulic table reverser to allow blockages to be cleared. Available with Freeflow, Powerflow and Autolevel headers from 5.56m to 6.7m wide, a MF 7256 fitted with a 6.1m version is listed at £116,370.

Massey Fergusons Powerflow combine table is generally regarded throughout the industry as being one of the best for handling a wide variety of crops in all conditions.

But now the company has added another feature which it claims will further improve the headers ability to take the crop to the intake elevator.

A hydraulically driven second auger is now available which sits above the main table auger. Acting, in effect, like a moving back plate, the auger helps to achieve an even feed when working with tall crops such as oilseed rape. It also prevents the crop falling over the back of the table.

Massey Ferguson says the net result is that the combine can work more quickly while reducing the risk of shatter loss.

Fitting of the auger is said to take about 20 minutes and, if required it can be left on when harvesting cereals – it does not interfere with the operators view of the table, says MF.

Price of an auger to fit a 6.1m Powerflow table is £1290. &#42

Applying the Cerea formula to the MF 7256 and 7272 combines has resulted in the launch of the Cerea 7256 and 7272 for the 2003 season.

Easier harvesting of tall crops is now possible says Massey Ferguson when a hydraulically driven second auger is fitted to the companys Powerflow table.

Model Hp No of straw walkers Standard table Price

MF 7256 Cerea 250 5 5.56m Freeflow £110,010

MF 7272 Cerea 270 8 6,10m Freeflow £116,370

MF 7274 Cerea 310 8 6.70m Freeflow £138,430

MF 7278 Cerea 350 8 7.69m Powerflow £168,710

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