Small seed spreader not big on expense

31 August 2001

Small seed spreader not big on expense

A PNEUMATIC applicator developed to spread small seeds and microgranules up to a 6m working width, is the latest product on offer from Cambs-based Richard Stocks.

The Turbo Jet applicator has been designed to provide an economical way of broadcasting seeds such as grass, rape, stubble turnips and kale.

Mounted on a cultivator or grass harrow, the applicator has a 210-litre steel hopper from which seeds or granules are metered and delivered to spreader plates.

The metering system comprises a cassette of fluted rotors driven by a 12v motor. Air is generated by a centrifugal fan.

An in-cab control console provides up to 40 fixed application rates and an electronic speed control system can be fitted to ensure output is adjusted to match the forward speed of the cultivator or harrow.

In addition to the Turbo Jet, Richard Stocks has introduced a high capacity slug pellet applicator with a 130-litre hopper and 28m spread width to match the boom widths of larger sprayers.

The Fan Jet 28 has a double-skinned disc driven by an electric motor, while the feed mechanism is made of stainless steel and plastic to resist corrosion.

Designed to be mounted on the front or rear of tractors, ATVs or sprayers, the applicator is supplied with in-cab control.

Price of the Fan Jet 28 and Turbo Jet applicators are £1800 and £629, respectively. &#42

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