SNP aims to set up food agency

23 April 1999

SNP aims to set up food agency

A SCOTTISH meat promotion task force, a Scottish food standards agency, and a retirement and young entrants scheme, are among the food and farming aims of the Scottish National Party.

Its manifesto promises to lift the beef-on-the-bone ban, restore confidence in Scottish beef, and establish a quality assurance scheme to recover market position in the UK and Europe.

Among the tasks the SNP would give the food standards agency would be to enforce a moratorium on both the development and testing of genetically-modified food crops. Clear labelling of all products containing GM material would also be demanded.

The ultimate SNP aim of independence would mean a Scottish farm and fisheries minister at EU council meetings and, in the meantime, the party is giving priority to improved representation in Europe on farming issues.

"Farmers in Scotland need assistance in leaving the industry if they wish. We also need new entrants, alive to the possibilities that are developing after so much hardship. We will bring forward a retirement and young entrant scheme after consultation and accessing European resources," the manifesto states.

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