Soft catheters lessen damage

8 May 1998

Soft catheters lessen damage

THE use of soft, sponge-tipped catheters should be encouraged among newcomers to pig AI to improve sow welfare and protect reproductive performance.

So says Cotswold Pig Development Companys commercial manager, Alan Bloor, who urges producers to keep abreast of new AI technology.

Welfare friendly

"The latest equipment is welfare friendly and can help to ensure good performance from AI."

Instead of the traditional spiral at the end of the catheter which locks into the sow, new catheters have a golf ball-shaped sponge instead.

Mr Bloor suggests that it is less likely to cause accidental internal damage. But experienced AI stockmen may prefer to continue using the spiral-type catheter. "Itll be a matter of preference.

"If blood comes into contact with semen it will kill it. The new catheter design, like the use of disposable equipment for AI, should be encouraged," adds Mr Bloor. &#42

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