Software eases records

3 July 1998

Software eases records

A SIMPLE computer program has replaced mountains of paperwork to revolutionise output marketing on one Lincs farmer.

For anyone who wants to keep precise tabs on what is where and how it fulfills farm assurance criteria, Liz Coy recommends a computerised storage module.

She manages the comings and goings of grain from four stores on three sites, with a total capacity of 3600t. Farmade MultiCrop software with a storage module is used.

"I used to keep a huge amount of manual records."

The combine has an on-board weigher, so accurate quantities of each variety can be recorded into specific stores. This also enables the two farming companies, Rookfield Farms and Robert Coy and Co to store together, thus reducing overheads and improving the marketability of their grain.

"I am able to record the percentage, by variety, that each farm has in the store. This then ensures both companies receive their correct returns."

When the grain first comes into the stores, Hagberg and moisture tests are taken regularly and recorded on the stores clipboard. The final test results are transferred into the storage program.

Post-harvest treatments can be noted, although this was not necessary on Mrs Coys grain. As grain is sold the levels are automatically adjusted, so she knows at a glance how much is left.

"When an order is going out I like to give a copy to the men in the yard, so they know exactly what is happening. It is vital it is right because we have a number of seed crops. The men do not let any crop out unless they have had a print-out from me. I also keep all financial records that go with it," she says.

Different reports have also been produced for the farm assurance inspection. "We were able to print off exactly what was wanted. They were impressed that we were able to say exactly which field was in which part of the store."

Most of the stores are now empty and cleaning records are being made for farm assurance purposes, including which chemical has been used and its application rate.

Farmade Store Management costs £375 with a summer discount to £280. It integrates fully with MultiCrop, which costs £800. &#42

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