Soil Association approves new organic livestock lick blocks

Three new organic livestock lick blocks have obtained Soil Association approval, enabling producers to meet the association’s requirement that, all organic livestock must be raised on organic feed.

Produced by specialist animal feed supplement manufacturer, Dallas Keith, the blocks contain molasses for palatability and help as a biding agent.

The first block Biomins Bloat Mineral bucket contains a surfactant that breaks down the surface tension of bubbles, helping to prevent life threatening bloat when animals are grazing mix clover lays.

The Hi-Mag mineral lick containing 15% magnesium helps prevent grass staggers. It provides added trace elements and other major minerals.

Organic garlic buckets containing high levels of garlic to help repel flies and biting insects are also available appealing to farmers reluctant to use chemical fly control. The Sulphurous compounds in garlic emit an invisible protection lay over the animals deterring biting insects.

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