Soil sampling while

4 April 1997

Soil sampling while

staying in the seat

ROBOTIC soil sampling. Designed for attachment with an ATV, the Concord Series 2000 auger soil sampler is claimed to enable an operator to take a sample, retrieve it and place it into a labelled sample box – all without having to leave the seat.

Hydraulic power for the unit is provided by 6.5hp Honda engine. Soil, up to a depth of 30cm (12in) can be sampled using a 2.5cm (1in) diameter carbide tipped auger, Concord claims.

Marketed by S&G Soil Services, based at Colmworth, Beds, the Concord Series 2000 has a list price of £4500.n

Soil sampling made easier. The Concord Series 2000, sold by S&G, allows the operator to take, label and store a sample without leaving the seat.

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