Some bunds fail agchem stores

20 March 1998

Some bunds fail agchem stores

HOW safe is your agrochemicals suppliers pesticide store?

Sixteen failed checks conducted by national inspections body BASIS last year, mainly due to inadequate bunding.

Bunds are meant to contain accidental spills so they do not get into watercourses or cause other pollution or fire risks, explains BASIS chief executive, Barrie Orme.

Some bunds had failed because deterioration meant they were no longer water-tight. Other failures were due to inadequate signs or neglected safety equipment.

Mr Orme stresses that the BASIS check is a statutory code, rather than hard legislation. But 2% of more than 900 agrochemical supplier stores which were inspected failed to make the grade.

"We are very much in an advisory capacity, but we issue an annual certificate which meets the requirements of the Code of Practice. If people failed time after time we would be on their backs. But we cant stop them trading there and then," says Mr Orme.

lNew Codes of Practice for farmers and chemical store operators are due to be published on Mar 26. Only minor alterations are expected, mainly changes to transport and handling legislation introduced since 1990. Basic storage standards are not expected to change significantly. &#42

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