Somerfield clears out French apples

22 October 1999

Somerfield clears out French apples

By FWi staff

SUPERMARKET chain Somerfield is clearing loose French apples from its shelves.

This comes after Budgens supermarkets banned French apples and pears in retaliation to Frances ban on British beef.

But while Somerfield describes the French ban on British beef as “outrageous”, it says this is not why it is withdrawing French apples.

The chain, which has 600 stores across the country, has taken the action to make room for more varieties of English apples, which are popular with customers.

This follows a bumper apple harvest which is up 40% on last year, says a store spokeswoman.

“We feel the French ban on British beef ban is outrageous,” said the Somerfield spokeswoman, “but our decision to withdraw loose French apples is not tit-for-tat retaliation.

“Its to extend customers choice, and our customers like to buy English apples.”

Somerfield will continue to stock prepacked French apples.

The apples will be removed next Wednesday. The spokeswoman said there were no plans to remove any other French produce.

Somerfield this week launched a scheme to stock local speciality lines from small and medium producers.

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