Sophisticated chaser bin has a big capacity

28 June 2002

Sophisticated chaser bin has a big capacity

THE latest contender for the grain chaser-bin market is Co Kildare-based Cross Agricultural Engineering.

The company is now manufacturing a 16.5t capacity model which offers a significant degree of sophistication when compared with earlier versions.

Conscious that a tall sided bin with a full load of grain bouncing across a field in an attempt to keep a combine harvester in work is not one of the most stable of concepts, the 165 LGP chaser-bin has the ability to extend its wheel width from 2.9m to 3.7m. Hydraulic rams on the axle can be activated to push the wheels out as the bin is pulled along. For safety, the operator is provided with warning lights to inform him that the wheels have been extended and road transport should not be attempted.

Further innovation is to be found at the end of the units unloader auger – a mechanically driven auger which can dispatch the 16.5t in less than three minutes, says the manufacturer.

A hydraulically driven motor rotates a ring gear surrounding the auger to twist the spout to the left or right. This allows lorries to be filled evenly with out having to shunt the bin along at regular intervals.

Other features include a dump slide to allow the bin to be emptied into a drive-over grain pit, hydraulic slide control for the discharge auger, hydraulic brakes and full road lighting. A roll over top cover and full cover screen is also included in the specification.

Shod on 30.5 R32 tyres to provide a low ground pressure, price of the 165 LGP chaser-bin starts at £20,000. &#42

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