Soya the only straights-market mover

By FWi staff

STRAIGHTS prices have been almost static over the week, with soya being the only commodity to move.

Following its sharp increase in the past few weeks, soya bean meal hi-pro eased back 1 to 158/t, and Brazilian 48% pellets/meal dropped 2 to 155/t.

Merchants still recommend that farmers needing soya from December onwards should check with their milk representatives or buyers the line on GM soya.

A growing number of supermarkets are expected to ban the use of soya in animal feed from this date.

The strength of public feeling towards GM ingredients was highlighted last week when Greenpeace hijacked a vessel bring 60,000 tonnes of soya to Liverpool for Cargill.

Although the ambush was successful, the ship has since returned to sea.

It is now awaiting better weather to return to Liverpool,

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