Spider grips fast in all conditions

14 February 1997

Spider grips fast in all conditions

MORE grip than standard tyres, less messy to fit than chains, the Spikes Spider attachment is said to be the ideal solution to tyre grip loss in snow, ice, grass and mud.

Supplied by AutoCavity Seal, the Spikes Spider can be fitted in about 30sec to cars, vans and Japanese-built 4x4s; a version for Land Rover products should be available later in 1997.

When driving conditions dictate, the grip device is simply locked onto a special mounting plate, which is clamped onto the vehicles wheel and left in place for the winter months. After use, the key is unlocked, the vehicle driven forward and the Spider falls off.

Price of the Spikes Spider starts at £175 (0161-834 4153).

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